A Piece of Fond Doux History: The Battle of Rabot

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It’s no secret that Fond Doux is brimming with history. But did you know that a significant battle in the colonial era was fought right here on our property?

In 1795 the island of Saint Lucia was enjoying liberation from slavery thanks to the French Revolution, but Soufriere’s draw brought the British back in an attempt to secure the territory for themselves. A battle took place at Fond Doux and Rabot Estates, with the revolutionary forces holding the vantage point if Fond Doux Ridge overlooking the Soufriere Basin.

As history goes, the British got stuck in the sludge of Rabot Lake and were ambushed. The revolutionary forces declared victory and all freed slaves remained emancipated! Interested in learning more about the historical and culture pieces of Fond Doux? We invite you to take our Heritage Tour which runs daily. For more information, please click here.

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