Running with Royalty

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It was just a few months ago that Fond Doux co-owner Mrs. Eroline Lamontagne was honoured at Buckingham Palace with an award for long-standing service to the community. With her medal safely at home and certificate hung, Mrs. Lamontagne let us in on her brush with royalty.

It was a blustery day when Mrs. Lamontagne entered the gates of Buckingham Palace in her best, meeting the dress code she was given ahead of time: a modest day dress with a hat or fascinator. Despite the ceremony being scheduled for 11AM, all recipients were required to arrive at 9AM.

The two hours leading up to the ceremony were to learn the etiquette—how the recipients were to line up, the way to bow or curtsy, the signal you would be given for your turn. The formality of the affair had everyone jittery with nerves, ladies all around were dipping up and down perfecting their curtsy.

When Mrs. Lamontagne’s time came, she walked on the stage to meet Prince William. Despite the many cameras at various places, Prince William put her at ease as he engaged her in conversation, asking the details of her service in St. Lucia. When Mrs. Lamontagne asked when he would be coming to visit, he responded exclaiming, “Well my children love coconut water!”

Despite the conversation lasting just a few minutes, those moments having the medal pinned to her lapel by royalty will surely last a lifetime. And now we wait for Prince William and his family to visit Fond Doux, just as his father did.

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