Summer Activity in St. Lucia

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Did you know that summer is a vibrant time in St. Lucia? Not only are there travel specials (including our 50% off Summer Special!) but there are many festivals showcasing local culture and activity. The Soleil Summer Festival kicks off with Jazz Fest next week from May 7th – 13th drawing a large crowd and featuring international talent and local artisans.

Interested in a more Caribbean-style celebration? The Saint Lucia Carnival is from June-July and all about steel drums and elaborate costumes. In addition to the live music and dancing is a culinary experience you don’t want to miss. This is St. Lucia at its most colorful!

Also part of Soleil is Roots & Soul as a bookend to summer from August 31st – September 2nd. Another music festival, this one features reggae, R&B, and more with music professionals coming from all over. Of course, there is unlimited natural beauty to enjoy that you will find at St. Lucia year-round, with the bonus of there being less travelers and more intimate experiences.

Our historic property just adds another layer of authenticity to your stay on the island. We invite you to visit the Soleil website to read about the festivals for yourself, and our Specials & Packages page for the latest limited time offers here at Fond Doux.

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