Sustainable Initiatives at Fond Doux: Building around Nature and History

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At Fond Doux we are proud to offer unique individual cottages for a true St. Lucian vacation experience. While we provide the luxuries and comforts and modern accommodations, did you know that all of our cottages are true historic buildings as one of our many sustainable initiatives?

Rather than building new accommodations in a colonial style, we have chosen to preserve St. Lucia’s architectural heritage by restoring abandoned cottages from around the island. This means that when you stay at Fond Doux, you are staying in a heritage building with years of history! In addition, all the furniture in our cottages is locally made.

In an effort to safeguard Fond Doux’s property, we have also avoided using traditional machinery when creating space for a “new” cottage or structure. Instead, we clear space by means of a shovel to ensure that no nature is disturbed in the process. Rest assured that when you stay at Fond Doux you are supporting eco-tourism!

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