#ThrowBackThursday: Fond Doux Through the Years

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When you step foot on Fond Doux’s property you are met with Caribbean history if only by the colonial architecture greeting you. But did you know that the estate actually dates back centuries?

As the story goes, in 1713 two thousand acres of land were granted to three de Vaux brothers by King Louis XIV of France for their service to the country. A lot of the land is still owned by their descendants, but over the years pieces of it have been sold. The late Kirby Lamontagne, co-owner Lyton Lamontagne’s father, was lucky enough to purchase one of those pieces.

In 1990, Lyton Lamontagne received the 19th century plantation from his father. Fond Doux became a public heritage site in the following years, and from its popularity the idea of an eco-resort was born. Today Fond Doux boasts 15 unique cottages featuring historic Caribbean architecture, two restaurants, three pools, and a Spa.

Our property has never lost touch with its roots which is why we continue to harvest cocoa and grow produce. Interested in learning more? Our Heritage Tour is a walking tour of the estate focused on our history, the local vegetation, and allows guests to participate in cocoa processing. Contact us to book your tour today!

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