Eco Initiatives at Fond Doux

Protecting St. Lucian Land and Heritage

Eco-Tourism has been a central theme at Fond Doux long before it became an international trend. We love sharing our property with visitors which is why owners Eroline and Lyton Lamontagne have gone to such lengths to protect our land and heritage so it can be enjoyed for years to come. As a certified organic plantation and a member of Green Globe, Fond Doux participates in a number of sustainable practices. We invite you to read about a few of the initiatives we have outlined here.

Locally Grown Produce

New plants and fruit trees are planted all the time so we can continue to enjoy fresh fruit and produce grown right here at Fond Doux. A few examples of what we grow includes: coconut, love apple, cherries, golden apple, tamarind, plum, avocado, soursop, star fruit, mangoes, dasheen, cocoa, coffee, oranges, grapefruit, breadfruit, lettuce, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, corn, sweet peppers, cabbage, carrots, guava, plantain and banana.

Farm-To-Table Cuisine

Much of our land is harvested and used at our two restaurants. The Bamboo Restaurant offers a “plantation to plate” experience where the chef uses freshly picked fruits, vegetables and spices grown on our organic plantation to create fresh Creole dishes.

Building Around Nature

Rather than using traditional machinery for excavation, we created the space for our buildings by shovel to ensure nature was not disturbed in the process. This means that the trees around our cottages are pre-existing and not just ornamental.

Preserving History Through Restoration

Rather than building our cottages in a historic colonial style, Fond Doux preserves Saint Lucia’s architectural heritage by saving abandoned colonial buildings from around the island and restoring them. In addition, furniture in the cottages is locally made to support to local industry.

Power and Water Conservation

Water in the cottages is heated through solar panels to conserve power. Other power and water conservation efforts include energy efficient lights, low flow toilets, and the option to reuse linens and towels.

Locally Owned and Operated

Owners Eroline and Lyton Lamontagne are from Saint Lucia and run the plantation themselves. They work with local communities to train and hire St. Lucians at Fond Doux with an emphasis on developing individual skills and gifts.

Supporting Local Industry

As part of our sustainable practices we fill our gift shop with goods from local suppliers. Similarly, we ensure the tour operators that we refer our guests to use local suppliers and emphasize St. Lucian culture.

Removing Single Use Plastic

At Fond Doux we have replaced plastic bags with paper bags at our gift shops, and are getting rid of plastic straws. It is important to us that we cut back on single use plastic wherever possible to eliminate unnecessary waste.


Stay with us in our secret corner of paradise

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