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More than ever today we look to our friends, family and yes, sometimes even the words of strangers, to tell us about their authentic experiences at resorts around the world.

A wedding is a time when you expect the best service, the best food, the best accommodation – so who better to hear from than those that have already put their trust in us at Fond Doux Plantation & Resort and let us be part of their special day. We can be offered no greater compliment than those which come from our treasured guests.

Wedding in the ‘Sweet Valley’

We decided to have our location wedding in St Lucia and Fond Doux plantation was a fantastic option that we saw online, we read all of the reviews from travellers and decided that Fond Doux would be the perfect looking complex for us, obviously deciding on a wedding venue is a decision you don’t come to lightly and thankfully Fond Doux met and exceeded all of our wishes for our big day. The organization between ourselves and Fond Doux was smooth and seamless with every email responded to within 48 hours but usually within 24 hours. First it was Indira who organized things for us and then Karan Emmanuel took over and she was not just good but absolutely brilliant in organizing everything we wished for, it was a very stress free wedding organization due to this fantastic communication we enjoyed.

We arrived at Fond Doux on the 7th May and were met by many of the employees of Fond Doux who couldn’t do enough for us, the staff knew all of the names of our guests by the second day and all of Fond Doux staff were always happy and smiling and couldn’t do enough for you. The owners Eroline and Lyton were very hospitable and would make great efforts to talk to us at each opportunity and really made the effort to make us all feel at home.

We had a wedding meeting to iron out any remaining points for the wedding which really put myself and Jennifer at even more ease than we already were, we originally wished to be married on the beach but when we saw the grounds of Fond Doux and its beautiful lush tropical gardens and gazebo area we wanted to change our minds and get married on the plantation, this was no worries for Karan and the staff of Fond Doux and what a great decision it was, the wedding day was perfect and went without any hitches, not even a tiny thing wasn’t perfect, the day was amazing and for that we will be forever grateful for all at Fond Doux

The cottages were amazing and just as advertised, eco friendly, rustic, spacious and secluded. We stayed in the Hilltop Mango which had a fantastic view and it’s own plunge pool. The pool was great fun which all of our party enjoyed spending time around. The breakfast and restaurant offerings were all of a good standard and the plantation tour was very interesting and a must do. We would like to thank all of the people who work at Fond Doux for making our wedding so memorable and perfect. Karan , Indira, Eroline and Lyton, Teddy, Katrina, Regina, Skeeta, Dennis and Billia Gregor, Leonita, Antonio, Clinton and many more thank you so much for all you did for us

Fond Doux is not be missed if you are thinking of holidaying in St Lucia

We can’t wait return

Jennifer and Paul

Honeymoon & Wedding All In One Trip!

The wife and I wanted to elope to somewhere tropical and she found Fond Doux online through random searches once we settled on an island. The price was right, and we loved the sound of an eco-resort on a working cocoa plantation. After watching a few you-tube videos we knew this was the place for us.

The resort itself was amazing, hidden in the heart of the jungle, a short ride from the coast. From the start we were pampered with cold towels with peppermint oils and a quick tour of the grounds. All arrangements for our wedding were handled by Karan before hand, so we had no worries. Katrina attended to our every need while we were there, making sure we had every reservation, shuttle, and emergency needs covered, and Dennis made sure we got everywhere safe and left with new knowledge and experiences only a local would be able to give to us newcomers.

Daily greetings from Eroline and Lyton made us feel like a part of the family, while Lecia, Regina and Tonya took care of keeping us well fed, full of drink, and even supplied with fresh aloe for sunburns! Our friends even left with recipes they now serve at their bakery!

The bungalows were very spacious and had amazing jungle views, with bananas and cocoa pods that we could pick freshly from our bungalow’s porch. Not your typical hotel room, which was exactly what we wanted. Watching fireflies in the evening from the outdoor shower was a once in a lifetime experience, and when it rained even more so. Beds were big and comfortable, and even came with lounging benches and chairs on the front porch.

I highly recommend a room with a plunge pool.The water in these were cool and refreshing and cleaned daily, and also offered incredible views of the sunset over the mountains.

So much care was shown by staff, even down to the fresh flower arrangements and decorations adorning the gazebo on the day of our wedding.

One thing we were looking forward to was cutting the cord from the world of technology, but to our friends’ great delight they had just installed Wi-Fi in all of the bungalows which allowed for non-stop facebooking and instagram posts from our adventures.

The plantation itself allows for some great nature hikes giving some spectacular views of the Pitons. The closest beach, Sugar Beach, was spectacular. Full of tropical fish, decent snorkeling, great water temperatures and easy water taxi access. Even fresh fruit sold off the back of kayaks from the locals.

We both look forward to returning for our anniversary trip.

Other notes, I highly recommend visiting in the off season. Rains were usually short, allowing for full days of adventure, and very few people to contend with.

Can’t say enough about the friendliness of all of the staff at Fond Doux! Thanks to you all for such a wonderful and memorable trip!

Destination Wedding

Beautiful location for a wedding and the staff was excellent. The plantation was a different exotic experience for the island. The dinner choices were a bit limiting but the free breakfast was great. It felt like you were truly in paradise!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wedding in Paradise

My husband, friends and I cannot say enough how much we totally enjoyed our time at Fond Doux. We were at Fond Doux for eight lovely nights. Words cannot do the place justice. From the serenity of the surroundings, to the professional yet friendliness of the staff, Fond Doux leaves none of the hearts desires unmet. The staff took the idea of our dream wedding and helped us bring it to life with finesse, efficiency and pizazz.

Their patience and ability to cater to our needs were phenomenal.This locally operated resort embodies the essence of the Caribbean: relaxed and friendly amidst an abundance of natural beauty. The landscape is littered with cottages that are so private you are unaware that you have neighbors. Each cottage has a porch with an unrivaled view of the surrounding rain forest and valley. The rooms are spacious and amenities adequate.

Each day is ushered in on the melody of feathered friends and the night waltz in slowly to the melody of nature’s nocturnal residents. Speaking of nature, Fond Doux is breathtaking. Words fail to describe the raw beauty that is Fond Doux. One is transported from the hectic pace of everyday living to soothing serenity and an environment that oozes contentment and pleasure. When you walk in you are immediately cocooned by nature’s best. One of the many advantages is the location of Fond Doux. It is strategically positioned near restaurants, and many activities. I especially loved the walk up to Tet Paul and basking in the warm waters of the diamond waterfall. The staff is wonderful. Keifa, katrina, Indira, Lecia and Regina were exceptional. To the manager Ms. Hazel, I tip my hat for her warmth, professionalism and creativity. She is a very lovely person as are the owners. One thing I didn’t like was the high cost of taxis and that the only free shuttle service was to Sugar beach. The staff at Sugar beach was not very accommodating nor nice. Fond Doux turned out to be the perfect place for an unforgettable wedding.

The staff was creative and super accommodating. It is certainly a place where dreams come true and where romance, relaxation and nature merge into one unforgettable experience. Thank you for helping us create beautiful memories that spans a lifetime!

Belkis – Trinidad

Perfect for our intimate destination wedding

A huge thank you to everyone at Fond Doux for helping us make our big day so special!

We did our wedding there in May with a small family group and loved every moment of our week there, which is not enough time for St Lucia. There are too many great things about Fond Doux for one review, but I highly, highly recommend Fond Doux for other brides, the resort takes such excellent care of their guests, and especially of their brides! This resort is way better than the large international resorts, since we wanted to stay in the real St Lucia, and it was a more intimate and romantic place, which for us was perfect for our wedding. Each lovely villa has something special from the next one. We miss the outside shower in Mango, the big sociable porch in Angelina, the cute geckos, and cheeky birds, the rainforest sound at night, the fresh coconuts, the yummy food with homegrown ingredients, the beautiful peaceful surroundings, but the best thing about staying here is: the wonderful people!!!

From the minute we arrived, instead of feeling like hotel guests, we felt like their welcome, loved family – we were treated with so much attentiveness, love, care, generosity, professionalism, genuine St Lucian hospitality. The last day, saying bye to our new friends Standford, Dennis & Gilda, Clinton, was so sad we didn’t want to leave, and all of us were totally sad the first week back home. We especially appreciate all the wedding help from Indira, Katrina and Leonisa, you guys really made sure all the details were how we wanted it, and were always there for us. My bouquet was more beautiful than what I had tried to imagine. Everyone loved the tropical wedding cake, the dinner with champagne, decorations, how lovely our long table looked, and the steel band! The owner of the resort Eroline herself couldn’t have been more helpful. Thank you for giving us a truly magical week that will stay with us forever.

Since coming back, we have been enjoying our island goodies, cocoa tea, spices, good coffee, good rum and piton beers! I’ll be sure to send over some pictures when we have those, soon. This is a very special place for us, one day we are definitely coming back to Fond Doux!

Alicia & Kevin Vancouver, Canada


I would like to say that the Fond Doux plantation and resort was an incredible wedding/honeymoon experience. The staff there was wonderful in preparing every detail of our wedding (that took place on the beach) as well as every other detail that went into preparing our stay and our wedding. It was a wonderful experience and a beautiful place to be. We loved every minute of it and hope to go back and visit on a 5 or 10 year anniversary. Thank you to everyone there and thank you for making our stay a memorable experience.
Andrea Chaney

Everything was perfect, and we were perfectly cared for!
I cannot say enough good things about Fond Doux to truly paint a picture of what we experienced. We visited the resort Oct.19-26, and held our wedding on site. From the time I booked the trip, Indira and Karan were on top of every detail. Booking a wedding from another country is extremely stressful, but they made it easy. Nothing I asked for was too much trouble, and the day brought to life was even better than I had hoped.

Upon arrival, we were lucky to learn that the management had scheduled a special event celebrating Creole heritage on the island. What a treat! There was a folk band and local lions club members visiting, and the experience showed us what St. Lucian life is like – kind-hearted people who have nothing but love in their hearts (and delicious food to share!). This was our experience everywhere on the island, but especially at Fond Doux.

We had booked a romance package through the resort and Katrina was so helpful in planning every detail of our stay. The items included in the package are perfectly selected. Every event we attended, especially our spa service and sunset cruise, was cherished. Clinton was a perfect tour guide on the grounds, and primary driver at the resort is someone we now call a friend. In fact, all of the staff are people we would now call friends, and we can’t wait to return some day and greet them again.

The grounds at the resort are so beautiful. We couldn’t take a bad photo, even on rainy days (which was always just a passing storm, anyway). We stayed in the Papaya Cottage (a honeymoon suite) and It was truly what we had dreamed of when we saw pictures on the internet. There were so many wonderful surprises for us during our stay, and everyone treated us so well!

Look at what other travelers have said – review after review after review doesn’t lie – do your research and know what to expect from this resort as far as eco-tourism and a rain forest experience, and if it is your cuppa tea, you will have your expectations blown away.

Christina Laemers


Stay with us in our secret corner of paradise

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